Setup your Booklaunch page in 4 easy steps

Our goal is to help you get your page up and running in less than 30 minutes with this step-by-step guide. Ready? Lets go.

Three quick notes before you start:
  1. We're here to help - Just email [email protected] if you need anything.
  2. Single Page - Booklaunch pages are single page websites. 
  3. Sections - Your page is made up of "Sections." We have many section types including: Purchase, Author, Share, etc. We even have Plus and Premium "Sections" like Endorsement, Email Signup, Navigation, and HTML. 

Here is an image to illustrate a typical page where we have outline each "Section" with a different bright color.

1. Create your Page

Seems like a logical first step. There are two ways to create your page:

Create a Page using the Page Builder and your ASIN or ISBN-10

Using the page builder we will grab your cover, title, amazon purchase link, and generate color palette for your page. We'll then do our best to populate as much of your page information as possible. This feature is meant to get you jump started with one click. How to find your ASIN or iSBN-10.


Don't like it what the Page Builder created? Just delete the page from your "Dashboard" and use "Create a Page from Scratch" below.  

Create a Page from Scratch


2. Add Content and Customize the Styles

Now that we have a page, let's customize the styles a bit to make it unique.

Change Text and Add Images


Change Background Colors or Images


Change Font Colors


Change Font


3. Customize your page URL

Where will your page live after you launch it? By default your page will live at a dedicated URL on Booklaunch. This URL looks like where "username" and "page-url" are customizable. 

Here is how to set your Username and Page URL: 


4. Launch your Page

Wow. Your page is created, populated with text and images, beautifully styled, your URL is set, and now you're ready to launch. Hopefully you're right at the 25 minute mark. Once you're hit launch your page will be live for anyone to view. Here is how to launch your page then find the URL to share with friends.


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