The essential setup guide to Premium Features

If you've made the jump from Free to Premium then this guide is for your! This will walk you through the essentials of setting up some of our Premium features. We'll start more simple to get things going then dive in to some of our more intense features. Let's begin.

Setup your Author Profile

Now that you're a Premium user you'll get a dedicated Author Profile page. This page serves as a profile for you and all your books. You can change and update all your profile info including: name, username, profile picture, bio, website, and more; as well as customize the header image, header color, and font color. Here's how: 


Customize your page Metadata

Metadata is great for SEO and will help your page be found organically through Search Engines. You can also set some Booklaunch metadata which helps you get discovered in our Search and Discovery Network. Here's how: 


Remove Booklaunch Branding

You may want to help promote Booklaunch but if you'd rather remove our logo from the footer and header you can as a Premium user. Here's how:


Adding and Duplicating Sections

Now that you have full access to all the Booklaunch sections lets dive in to adding and duplicating sections on your Booklaunch page.


Setup Email Signup Section

One of the most popular features is our Email Signup Section. It provides a great way to capture email signups and start building your audience. It's also super easy to setup, here's how: 


Setup Nav Section

The Nav Section provides a great way to add a top header to your page making it feel more like a full website. It's easy to setup and has a big impact. 


Add Advanced Section Styles

Now you can add some fancy styles to your page including animation, flipping columns, and parallax effects:

Setup Integrations

Connect your favorite services to Booklaunch with our Integrations. Send Emails to MailChimp, Aweber, or ConvertKit, pipe data to Google Analytics, sell direct with GumRoad, or boost your page tools with SumoMe. Learn about each here

Setup SumoMe Integration

SumoMe is one of the most powerful integrations we have and gives you access to some of the most powerful tools that the top internet marketers use. Click here to set it up.

Setup Custom Domains

We saved the most complex for last. If you have bought a custom domain, like, and want to point it to your Booklaunch page, simple. Just follow these instructions or watch this video. 


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