How to preview a book page

Think your fancy book page may be ready for prime time? How exciting! Before you launch the page, consider previewing it to make sure that all the customizations are to your liking. You can also share the page preview to friends or colleagues if you want their opinion on it before launching.

To preview any page, log back into your account, return to the Dashboard, and then click the eye icon on the page you wish to preview. Doing so will open a new tab that contains the full preview of your pageā€”just as it is going to appear when you launch your page for all to see. 

Note: You can share your preview URL to get feedback on your page before launching it. Simply copy and paste the entire URL including the "token" and share it with friends. The token part of the URL gives them access to view your page even though it is not "live". Be sure not to share this token URL to the general public. 

If you find something that needs tweaking, close the preview and edit the page a final time. You can certainly rinse-and-repeat that process as many times as you like to make sure your page is perfect.

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