Add and replace featured images

Customizing your page is where the real fun begins!

Chances are good that adding a featured image is one of the first things you wish to do to your page. We make adding (and replacing) images easy by allowing you to do a direct uploaded or by performing a drop-and-drop.

The first option—direct upload—works just like adding an attachment to your email. To begin, hover your cursor over one of the placeholder images (e.g. the big gray book at the top of the page). When you hover, a message will automatically display saying, "Drag image here or click to choose." Go ahead and click. Clicking opens up a file selector window. Browse for the image file on your computer, highlight the file, then click the "Open" button.

If that method isn't your fancy, you can always drag-and-drop. This second option works just as it sounds: Find an image file on your computer (on your desktop or in a folder somewhere), then click, drag, and drop the image directly on top of the placeholder image. To get this to work smoothly, you may need to resize your browser and/or file folder window(s).

To replace any image you added previously, simply use one of the two methods described above to add a new image in its place. By adding a new image, the existing image is automatically replaced—like magic!

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