Format page text using keyboard shortcuts

Have you ever become frustrated with software that contains too many text formatting buttons and other controls? We feel you. That's why we've made the text editor clean and minimal.

First, add and edit text as you like on your book page. Second, to apply any styles, simply use the universal keyboard shortcuts. For example, if you wish to emphasize (e.g. make bold) a specific word or phrase in your text, highlight that word or phrase and hit command + B. Use the same controls to remove the emphasis.

Keyboard shortcuts are available for all of the basic forms of styling:

  • Command + B = Emphasis/bold
  • Command + I = Italics

If you wish add an active hyperlink into the text, just paste a full URL into the text area. For example, if you wanted to add a hyperlink back to your author platform's homepage, you should add "" into the text. We'll take care of hyperlinking it for you!

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