Update colors, background colors, and background images

Want to make your book page extra spiffy? Then you should consider updating the section settings to reflect the visual style and tone of your book.

Every section can be updated in the same way: Hover your cursor over any section (e.g. the "Book Trailer Video" section) and look for the gear icon to appear in the upper-left corner of that section. Click on that icon to activate the section settings. You'll immediately see three setting controls:

  1. Background color
  2. Background image
  3. Font color
  4. Button color

Background color is exactly what it sounds like—the background color of that individual section. Each section is set to a default color (e.g. light gray). When you click on the little background color swatch, a color selector will appear. Use that color selector to make an update. You're welcome to use the color palette or enter a specific web hex-code—both work just fine!

Background image works just adding or replacing an image on the main page. A file selector window will open when you click "Background Image." Browse your computer for the image you want to use, highlight that file, and click the "Open" button. Presto! You've just added a background!

Font color works the same way as background color. It is also constrained to the same area: only the font color for that section. Therefore, you can set different font colors for every section if you really want to.

If a section has a button there will be an option for button color. This changes the background color of the button. The text color of the button will remain white. 

Note: To remove a background image simply select a background color to replace it.

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