Add and remove marketplace purchase links

Have you uploaded your book into the Amazon Kindle marketplace? Do you also sell your book direct to readers via Gumroad? What about Barnes & Noble—do you sell your book there too?

Wherever you sell your book, we have you covered.

To add your book sales link(s) to your page, first grab all of the specific links you need. For example, collect your specific Amazon and Barnes & Noble links if you sell in both those marketplaces. With those links in hand, return to your page. Next, find the "Purchase Now" section and start adding your links—one link at a time.

Click the "Add Purchase Links" button to get started. When you click that button, a drop-down menu will appear filled with options. Choose a retailer where your book is sold (e.g. Amazon), then paste the relevant link into the text field that appears. Then, click the "Add Links" button at the bottom of the menu to add that option to your page.

Your purchase option links appear on your page as hyperlinked retailer logos. So, if you added an Amazon link, the Amazon logo will appear on screen and will be hyperlinked to your specific book page. Cool, huh?!

To remove a purchase link option, click the "Add Purchase Links" button again. Doing so will re-open the drop-down menu of options. You'll see the links you've already added within that menu list—each one with an "X" to the right of the link. Click the "X" next to whichever purchase link you wish to remove. Yup, it's that easy!

PayPal Link Note:

Paypal provides many different types of buttons. For the Booklaunch Purchase section you can only use the Email Link type button. 

You’ll want to follow these instructions on Paypal to generate a proper share link.

Follow step 1-8. Be sure to copy the link after selecting “Email”. 

Your link should look like this:

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