How to sort the sections on your page

Do you have a mind-blowing testimonial about your book from a major influencer in your industry? Then it may make sense to position the "Endorsements" section above the "About The Book" section. Such section re-sorting is difficult in most systems, but not ours!

To re-organize any or all of your sections, first click the "Sort Sections" button in the top navigation bar. Doing so will compress each section into a thin row with all of the content greyed out. Next, hover your cursor over the section you wish to move into a different place on your page. Hovering over a section makes that section moveable—you'll see your cursor's icon change to reflect that. To move the section, just click and drag up or down the page, then release when you have the section where you want it.

After all your re-sorting is done, click the "Done Sorting" button in the top navigation bar. That will lock in your re-sorting changes as well as return the page itself back to the full editing mode.

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