Set a custom page url

We generate a unique alpha-numeric code for every book page that gets created. By default, that code becomes the "slug" of your unique page URL. For example, without any edits, your book page URL will look something like this:

Okay, so that's pretty ugly. But you can make it pretty! Specifically, you can customize the alpha-numeric section (the "slug") of your URL.

For instance, you could rename your page's URL slug simply as "book." Doing so would result in a new URL, which would look like this:

To edit your book page's URL slug, either click "Page Settings" in the top navigation menu of any individual book page (in edit mode), or click the gear icon of a particular book page from the Dashboard. The Page Settings window will appear, which contains a field called "Page URL." You'll see the default alpha-numeric code in that field. Simply replace that code with whatever word or phrase you desire. Be sure to click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the window to save your change.

Note: Custom Page URL slugs cannot contain the following:

  • Spaces
  • Special characters
  • Words or phrases that you are using for another page

Hyphens are okay to use between multiple words.

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