How to read your page analytics

Having access to reader analytics is crucial for any author today hoping to sell books, grow an audience, and build a successful career. Unfortunately, most author-related service platforms don't empower their author customers with valuable and usable data. Even Amazon's Author Central portal is extremely limited in what data it makes available to its authors. is different. We believe in granting you access to insightful data so that you can better decisions about how to market and sell your book to your readers. We feel that everyone wins when you become smarter. That's why we offer book page analytics.

To view your page analytics, first log in to Once you're in, you have two easy options to view your page analytics:

  1. Click "Analytics" from the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the bar chart icon for a particular book page.

If you go with option one, the Analytics page will load immediately and display data pertaining to all of your book pages in aggregate. For example, if you have five book pages, the analytic data you see will be a combination of all five pages. If you only have one book page created, the analytic data you see will be just for that one page even though it's "all pages."

If you go with option two, the Analytics page will also load immediately, but only for that specific book page. This is the most convenient option if you have multiple book pages created and want to jump straight to viewing analytic data just for one page.

Once you're viewing the Analytics page, you'll discover data pertaining to the number of readers visiting your page, which sections of your book page those readers are interacting with most (via click data), and more. Using this data, begin to access where your book page (or pages) are strongest and where they are weakest. These insights will lead you to making improvement decisions about the design and section ordering of your page(s).

Note: If you see "Booklaunch" as a purchase link type this refers to the "Order Now" button in the Hero Section of your page. This button scrolls the user down to the Purchase Section.

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