How to view and export email addresses

Email sign ups are very important for authors attempting to amass a consistent readership. That's why makes it easy for you to collect, review, and export the email addresses of your interested readers.

To view your readers' email addresses return to the Analytics page just as you did previously to view the page analytic data. Once there, you'll see precisely who signed up to your email list beneath the page analytics. This email signup data is in chronological order.

To export this data, click the "Download CSV" link to the right of the Email Signups headline. Doing so will trigger the download of a .csv file that contains all of the email addresses you see on screen, organized in the same sequence. A .csv file opens easily using Microsoft Excel.

From there, you can quickly uploaded those email addresses into the email service provider of your choice. For example, if you already have a reader email list growing in MailChimp, you can import the email addresses in the .csv file into that list.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have permission from your readers to import their email addresses into your other list. For example, add a brief statement within the email signup section on your page that says something to the effect of, "By signing up, you agree that I can transfer your email address to my main email list in Mailchimp." is not responsible for collecting such user permission on your behalf. That is your responsibility.

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