Tips and Resources for Section Background Images

Background images can add an new dimension to your page. They help to create a page that truly represents your books tone and feel while distinguishing it from other pages on the web.

Here are a few recommendations:

1. Simple is best
Backgrounds should live... in the background. They are just supporting elements and shouldn't conflict with important foreground content—so, nothing crazy! Avoid heavy patterns or anything that reminds you of M.C. Escher drawings.

2. Your text has to be legible.
Make sure your font color is either light or dark enough to be read clearly and easily. Too much detail underneath text blocks can cause problems—subtle textures or blurred & out-of-focus images can make copy easier to read.

3. Support the mood / tone of your book.
A yoga manual shouldn't lay on top of dark grunge. Futuristic robot fiction would sit strangely on antique paper. And so forth.

Great FREE textures and images.

Here are a couple links:

  • Unsplash has an incredible free library of high-resolution images that make perfect backgrounds.
  • Lost and Taken has a huge gallery sorted in categories. Start with their subtle grunge and move on to other categories.
  • Demilked is one of many design resource sites. Here is a post with almost 150 images.
Important: Final note: these images can be HUGE. Keep your pages loading quickly in web browsers by reducing image size to about 1500px wide, and crop the image down to only what you need.

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