Custom Javascript Examples

Important: The Custom Code feature is intended for people who have some technical experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

We get common requests for page customization. If you're on our Premium tier you can use these custom code snippets in our  Custom Code feature to do some basic and advanced customization. 

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Add A Subtitle Below a Section Title

You'll need to fill out the following: 

  • SECTION (Which section to add this new section before. Options: "section-book, section-video, section-endorsement, section-about, section-purchase, section-share, section-author")
<!-- Add Subtitle Below Section Title -->
<script type="text/javascript">
	// Page Ready
	document.addEventListener('pageReady', function (e) { 
		// Add your subtitle
		var text = 'SUBTITLE';
		// Pick the section you want this new subtitle to be added after.
		//options: section-book, section-video, section-endorsement, section-about, section-purchase, section-share, section-author
		sectionName = 'section-about'; 
		// Add subtitle (do not edit)
		var subtitle = '<p style="font-size: 120%; margin-top: -2%; margin-bottom: 4%;">'+ text + '</p>';		
		$('.' + sectionName + ' .section-title').after(subtitle);
	}, false);

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