Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress Integration

Our Wordpress plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate your Booklaunch page on to your existing Wordpress website. This allows you to keep your existing domain and simply add your Booklaunch page as a new page to your website (ex. yourwebsite.com/my-book).

  1. Install the Wordpress plugin. You can download it here or search for "booklaunch" from your Wordpress Admin Controls > Plugins
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Add a new page in WordPress
  4. Under Page Attributes in the righthand sidebar, set the Template as Booklaunch Page
  5. A meta box titled Booklaunch Page Options will be added
  6. Paste your Booklaunch page URL into the input field. For example, <a href="https://booklaunch.io/scottrodgers/onedecisionbook">https://booklaunch.io/scottrodgers/onedecisionbook</a>
  7. Publish the WordPress page. Done.

Now you have a new page on your existing website that loads your Booklaunch.io page. You will still login to Booklaunch.io to update and manage your page.

Note: Because of the vast number of Wordpress theme configurations the Booklaunch plugin will add your full Booklaunch page and will not retain your existing site header, footer, or sidebars. We are working to add additional options to include existing site headers, footers, and sidebars.

Premium Feature: All integrations are part of our Premium tier. Learn more about Premium.

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