SumoMe Integration

Want to get the most out of your site? Boost conversions, email signups, and shares? Want to add a contact form to your page? Or maybe a heat map to see where people are clicking? Now you can do all this and more with our SumoMe integration.

SumoMe is a  FREE suite of tools designed to grow your website's traffic. It's trusted and used by millions of website creators ranging from bloggers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporate goliaths, and everyone else in between. Best of all it now works seamlessly with your Booklaunch page. Here's how:

  1. You'll need your FREE SumoMe HTML Code. This can be found at click "Try It Now"
  2. Go to "Page Settings" for the Booklaunch page you want to integrate with.
  3. Select "Integrations".
  4. Select "SumoMe" from the list of integrations.
  5. Enter your HTML Code.
  6. Select "Enable" 
  7. View Your Booklaunch page by clicking the "eye" icon on the dashboard. 
  8. From your page select the new SumoMe tab in the top right corner. 

That's it! You now have the full power of SumoMe on your page. Continue by signing up for a FREE SumoMe account and start adding their tools to your page. 

We wrote about this integration and how much we love it, plus a few ways you can use it, here.

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