Customize your notification settings

If updating your profile information was easy, customizing your notification settings is even easier.

To get to the Notifications settings screen, follow the flow described in the previous help article about updating your profile information. When you follow that process, you'll arrive on the Profile screen—complete with a beautiful headshot of yourself.

If you look toward the upper-left of that screen (but not all the way into the corner), you'll see that the active tab is the "Profile" tab. Immediately to the right of this tab is another tab that reads "Notifications." Click that one!

Once on the Notifications settings screen, you'll see a few things:

  • Email address (a text field)
  • Daily Analytics Summaries (a checkbox)
  • Weekly Analytics Summaries (a checkbox)
  • News and Updates (a checkbox)
  • Unsubscribe from all (a checkbox)

By default, your email address is set to the email address you use with the social network you chose to log in with. For example, if you chose to log into using Twitter, then the email address you have set in your Twitter settings is the same one that is displayed here. By all means, change that if you like! Just click into that data field and enter a different email address. Make sure it's a valid email address that you have access to.

Also by default, the first three checkboxes are active when you create your account. If left as-is, you will receive a daily summary email and weekly summary email about the performance of your book pages. We keep these options active by default because we really think these insights are valuable to you.

If you would rather not receive some or all of those emails, no worries! You can individually deactivate the checkboxes you don't wish to be active. If you desire to deactivate all of them in one fell swoop, then select the bottom "Unsubscribe from all" checkbox. Doing so will automatically deactivate the other three above.

Once you've configured your notification settings to your liking, click the "Save Email Setting" button. If you don't, I'm afraid your changes won't be saved. That'd be sad. Don't be sad—click the button.

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