Where will my Booklaunch page live?

You may be wondering what happens after you launch a Booklaunch page. Where does this page live? How will people find your page? What URL do you send them to? These a great questions. There are a few different ways to setup your URL: 

  1. Default Dedicated Booklaunch URL
  2. Full Custom Domain 
  3. Subdomain
  4. Page on existing Wordpress Site

Read on to learn about each option and find the best choice for your page.

Default Dedicated Booklaunch URL ( booklaunch.io/username/book-title )

By default every Booklaunch page gets a dedicated and unique URL. This URL looks something like booklaunch.io/username/book-title. We give you full ability to customize both your username and the individual "slug" (or in this case "book-title") part of your URL. We recommend keeping your URL short and simple focused on your name and your book title. Here is a great example  https://booklaunch.io/gennyheikka/finding-mommy-bliss

To set up your default URL you can follow these instructions  here

Note: You can find your "live" url by selecting the "eye" icon from the dashboard. 

Full Custom Domain ( mybook.com )

Note: This following options are one of the more technical things regarding your page. If you have more questions or just feel a bit lost email us at help@booklaunch.io

Maybe you've had the perfect domain for your book locked away for a while or maybe you just purchased your book specific domain like mybook.com. We'll you can point the full domain to your Booklaunch page. Here is a great example:  findingmommybliss.com. This is fairly easy to do in your Domain Registrars DNS settings.

To set up a Full Custom Domain you can follow the Full Custom Domain instructions  here

Note: You can still setup other areas on your domain like blog.mywebsite.com as subdomains while loading your Booklaunch page on the main www domain.

Subdomain ( mybook.mysite.com )

If you already have a great author website and want to add your Booklaunch page as part of your main websites domain that's easy too. You can point any subdomain like mybook.mysite.com (where "mybook" is the subdomain) to your Booklaunch page. This is fairly easy to do in your Domain Registrars DNS settings.

To set up a subdomain you can follow the subdomain instructions  here.

Page on a Wordpress Site ( mysite.com/my-book )

If you have a great author website that is built on Wordpress then you are in luck. We offer a simple Wordpress Plugin that allows you to add a new page to your existing website. The end url would look like mysite.com/my-book

To set the Wordpress Plugin you can follow these instructions  here.

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