Add and remove sections

Want to add second purchase section or another video? Looking to include our Custom HTML or Email Capture section? maybe you want to remove the endorsement section? No problem. Here's how: 

Add / Duplicate Sections

To add a section scroll to the bottom the edit view and you'll see a large "Add Section" button. Click "Add Section" to bring up the section options. Select the section you want to add and it will be appended to the bottom of your page. 

Remove / Delete Sections

To remove a section hover over the section you want to remove and look for a "X Delete Section" button in the top-right corner. Select "Delete Section" and it will prompt you to confirm your want to delete this section. Remember this is a permanent action and any content in that section will be removed and we will not be able to recover it. Click OK. You'll see the section collapse and be removed. 

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